Recently there have been growing concerns about the state of the subreddit, and they were mostly about a lack of good written content. Indeed, there are a few essays and reviews which reach the frontpage now and then, however it's evident that the subreddit has been dominated by fanart, clips and announcements. It isn't necessarily a bad thing; although we feel that content which is harder to consume isn't fairly represented on the subreddit. With that in mind, we decided to create the r/anime Writing Club.

Here are the goals of this project:

So what can we offer to those who decided to join the project? Here are few things:

  1. Quality feedback. Many people are asking how exactly to improve their writing, and this is where we provide it.
  2. Special rules of posting. All essays are going to have a distinct flair, will be promoted on r/anime twitter and submitted every week on a specific day - all of that is done with the goal to create a place for written content on r/anime to exist and be noticed.
  3. There is going to be a wiki page with all essays archived, so even after threads are gone from the frontpage they will be easily accessible to public from here.

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